Performance U-joints

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Neapco® Performance Series Universal Joints are up to 33% stronger than the leading competitor.

per ujoint strength

 Across standard sizes, Neapco Performance Series 1310 Series U-joint had up to 33.8% higher Ultimate Strength than the leading competitor.

ujoint load fatigue

Neapco Performance Series Universal Joints are the next generation of u-joints and outperform the leading competitor’s joints in ultimate strength and fatigue tests. Neapco Performance Series U-joints achieve this exceptional performance by paying close attention to the details that make big differences:

  • Enhanced design thrust washer with a low-friction additive to the material decreases stick-slip and provides lower heat generation, friction, and wear due to new geometry. 

  • Increased trunnion diameter for optimum strength. The addition of a needle bearing and a reduction in grease reservoir depth increases the overall strength and improves stress distribution along the trunnion.

  • A quad-lip seal prevents grease purging and outside contaminants from entering the u-joints.

  • The journal/spider body configuration is optimized to provide smoother transitions, ultimately decreasing stress risers throughout the u-joints.

  • High-temperature grease provides superior durability, greater water resistance, and is stable across a wide range of temperatures.

 exploded ujoint