Center Supports

Center supports for cars, trucks and SUVs

Neapco offers a broad product line of center supports for domestic and foreign passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and medium and heavy duty truck applications. Neapco center supports are engineered and manufactured for the specific application requirements, ensuring precise driveshaft alignment and support.

Designed to provide smooth and quiet operation, the bearings are pre-lubricated for life and sealed with metal reinforced seals to prevent contamination. Support cushions are manufactured using the highest quality rubber compounds to provide support while isolating the driveline from damaging vibration. Center supports are offered with and without flingers, where applicable.

Features and Benefits

  • Broad product line — Protection from vibration damage for most U.S. and European car and truck driveshafts.
  • Engineered to application requirements — Custom designs guarantee driveshaft alignment.
  • Highest quality materials — Provide long life and superior performance.
  • Self Aligning Center Support - Allows for +/- 10 degrees of driveline angulatity. 

Neapco Components Center Supports N210661 1XSA