Neapco offers an extensive aftermarket agricultural and industrial PTO product line for both North American and European applications. For over 50 years, Neapco power take-off driveshafts and components have been used in three-point hitch, trail-behind implements, self-propelled equipment, and industrial and auxiliary machinery.

For North American applications, Neapco provides fixed-length or telescoping drivelines using spline, square or rectangular shafting, and standard Neapco 1000 through 2600 universal joints. Standard components include clamp, quick-disconnect, round & spline bore, and flange yokes. Available CV joints include equal angle or double Cardan. Several types of torque-limiting or shear devices are available as an integral part of the driveline solution. For driveshaft speeds of 1000 rpm or less, Neapco can provide driveshaft shielding to meet safety requirements and other applicable standards.

Our primary European products include fixed length or telescoping drives using profile, lemon, triangular and star tubing. These PTO driveshafts use Benzi & Di Terlizzi B01–B10 series U-joint components and assemblies, as well as other European components.