Fully customized driveline solutions for industrial applications, plant equipment and PTO requirements

With an extensive background in engineering solutions for diverse driveline applications ranging from light vehicle to agricultural and construction, Neapco is uniquely able to design industrial powertrain assemblies and components.

Neapco engineers draw on product experience in other markets and can utilize a diverse product mix of all shapes and sizes to arrive at totally custom configurations appropriate for the application requirements. On the basis of this flexible capability, Neapco is willing to review and quote on custom design projects that would be outside the scope of many other driveline producers.

Typical applications

  • Irrigation shafts
  • Paper and steel mills
  • Auxiliary pump shafts
  • Generators
  • Conveyor systems
  • Pump-mounted PTO shafts
  • Rotary cutters
  • Rotary tillers

Neapco industrial products

Neapco Components Propshafts/Driveshafts
Propshafts/Driveshafts (fixed length or telescoping)
Neapco Components Driveline Components
Driveline Components
Yokes to interface with various output shaft configurations, including clamp, quick disconnect, round and spline bore and flanged styles
Neapco Components Universal Joints
Neapco Components Power Take-Off