10/12/17 - For immediate release

Neapco is proud to present our enhanced “Silver Series” line of light and medium duty universal joints. Field tested, these improved premium quality universal joints are designed by Neapco and manufactured to Neapco specifications ensuring superior fatigue life. The re-lubeable feature makes these u-joints an excellent choice for 4x4 and extreme duty applications. Our enhanced offering is easily dentified by the letters NP on the journal body.

Silver Flyer 4

The 2017 Driveline Components catalog has been published. You may have already recived 2 copies mailed directly to you. This catalog is a total replacement for the previous 2015 catalog. New to this version, new products introduced are now identified by a different typeface throughout the multiple chapters. Obsolete parts have been removed and all new products have been updated. As always, the latest information is available on the Neapco MyCarParts electronic catalog.

Catalog Order Form - Order DS245

2017 DS245 FC3

Please be advised of the new Neapcocomponents web site feature. In the past we tried to publish a list of the new parts/products every quarter. This was problematic as there was a delay listing many of the new parts/products based on a set schedule. So, our solution was to build a dynamic publication that creates itself anytime anyone would like a hard copy of the current up to date new parts/products. Well here it is:

There is now a button on the home page that creates a PDF on the fly listing the same parts that are shown on the Web Site home page. In addition, this PDF has hyperlinks taking you to the detailed information; flyers; bulletins; or the MyCarParts electronic catalog page for the specific part. And of course, you can always print the PDF for a handy up to date list.

Due to low sales volumes of multiple sku’s, and in an effort to keep costs down, we have selected several yokes to consolidate. Where we once had multiple single-keyed yokes we have now replaced them with a one double-keyed yoke that replaces what was previously two separate part numbers. See the sales bulliten for details.