Aftermarket replacement driveline products for light vehicle, commercial vehicle, agricultural/off-highway and industrial applications

Neapco has a long history of providing driveline products that are designed, engineered and manufactured to perform like the original equipment at competitive market prices. Our driveline specialist and warehouse distributor customers rely on us for quality repair parts and specialty solutions that differentiate us from the competition.

New Products

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This information is presented by part type release date. Click on the part number for more information.

Power Take Off
Part Type Part Description Release Date Part Number
Sales Bulliten PTO Yoke Consolidation 06/27/2017 9901383
Sales Bulletin L600 to 1000 Series Conversion 01/30/2017 9901379
Product Flyer Complete PTO Assemblies 09/14/2015 9901367
4x4 Quick Reference
Part Type Part Description Release Date Part Number
Flange Yoke 1310 Series Jeep JK Conversion - CV joint with 8 bolts on rear driveshafts to Cardan Joint 06/06/2016 N2-2-392
End Yoke 1310 Series Jeep JK Conversion - Pinion Front 06/03/2016 N2-4-JK06
End Yoke 1350 Series Jeep JK Conversion - Pinion Front 06/03/2016 N3-4-JK08
Double Cardan CV Head 1410 Series High Angle 03/03/2016 N921141HAG
End Yoke 1350 Series Jeep JK Conversion - Pinion Rear 12/11/2009 N3-4-JK04
Double Cardan CV Flange Yoke 1310 Series Dakota, Durango, Cherokee Conversion - CV to Double Cardan 09/10/2009 N2-83-206
End Yoke 1310 Series Jeep JK Conversion - Pinion Rear 09/10/2009 N2-4-JK02
End Yoke 1310 Series Jeep JK Conversion - T/C Front & Rear 09/10/2009 N2-4-JK03
Flange Yoke 1310 Series Dakota, Durango, Cherokee Conversion - CV to Cardan 09/10/2009 N2-2-206
Flange Yoke 1310 Series Jeep JK Front Flange 09/10/2009 N2-2-1949-1
Universal Joints
Part Type Part Description Release Date Part Number
Product Chart Common Universal Joints By Series 03/22/2017 9900036
Product Flyer GOLD Heavy Duty Universal Joints 02/15/2017 9901380
Universal Joint 1610 Full-Round U-Joint 02/15/2017 4-0279GXL
Universal Joint 1610 Half-Round U-Joint 02/15/2017 4-0674GXL
Universal Joint 1710 Full-Round U-Joint 02/15/2017 5-0280GXL
Universal Joint 1710 Half-Round U-Joint 02/15/2017 6-0675GXL
Universal Joint 1760 Full-Round U-Joint 02/15/2017 6-0407GXL
Universal Joint 1760 Half-Round U-Joint 02/15/2017 6-0677GXL
Universal Joint 1810 Full-Round U-Joint 02/15/2017 6-0281GXL
Universal Joint 1810 Half-Round U-Joint 02/15/2017 6-0676GXL
Product Flyer Neapco PlateLock Universal Joints 11/12/2014 9901011
Technical Bulletin Universal Joint Snap Rings 10/22/2014 9901356
Technical Bulletin GOLD Light Duty Universal Joints 08/27/2014 9901350
Product Flyer GOLD Light Duty Universal Joints 07/29/2013 9901339
Product Flyer GOLD Light Duty xRef 07/29/2013 9901343
Product Flyer QSP Heavy Duty Universal Joints 07/08/2013 9901336
Driveline Components
Part Type Part Description Release Date Part Number
Center Support Ford F-250, F-350, Super Duty 2007-2012 06/16/2017 N214033X
Center Support Ford F-250, F-350, Super Duty 2007-2013 06/16/2017 N214035X
Center Support Ford F-250, F-350, Super Duty 2011-2015 06/16/2017 N214034X
Driveshaft Boot SPL170 Yoke Shaft to Sleeve 06/01/2017 N211987X
Driveshaft Sleeve SPL170 Interaxle 06/01/2017 N170-55-51-1
Flange Yoke 1480 Series 06/01/2017 N3-2-499
Product Flyer DOM Driveshaft Tubing 06/01/2017 9901375
Sales Bulletin AW & DOM Driveshaft Tubing 06/01/2017 9901382
Sales Bulletin DOM Tubing Part Numbering 06/01/2017 9901381
Tube Weld Yoke SPL170 Interaxle 06/01/2017 N170-28-37
Center Support GM 1/2 Ton Pickup & SUV 2007-2011 04/21/2017 N218099
Center Support 1280-1410 Series Driveshafts 03/17/2017 N211175X
Center Support Magnum, Chrysler 300, Charger, Challenger 03/17/2017 N211020-1X
Center Support Nissan Frontier 1998 - 2005 03/17/2017 N237521
Driveshaft Tubing DOM 2.00x0.083x72 03/15/2017 ND16-30-62-72
Driveshaft Tubing DOM 2.00x0.120x72 03/15/2017 ND16-30-102-72
Driveshaft Tubing DOM 2.50x0.065x72 03/15/2017 ND20-30-12-72
Driveshaft Tubing DOM 2.50x0.083x72 03/15/2017 ND20-30-22-72
Driveshaft Tubing DOM 2.75x0.083x72 03/15/2017 ND22-30-22-72
Driveshaft Tubing DOM 3.00x0.083x72 03/15/2017 ND24-30-42-72
Driveshaft Tubing DOM 3.50x0.083x72 03/15/2017 ND28-30-62-72
Driveshaft Tubing DOM 4.00x0.083x72 03/15/2017 ND32-30-22-72
Product Flyer RPL Components 04/01/2016 9901371
Product Flyer Neapco PlateLock Components 01/15/2016 9901348
Product Flyer Self Aligning Center Support 11/10/2014 9901289
Product Flyer Neapco / Sonnax Transmission Slip Yokes 09/24/2014 9901355
Product Flyer GOLD Series Double Cardan CV Heads 08/22/2014 9901352
Product Flyer Silver Series Double Cardan CV Heads 08/22/2014 9901353
Product Flyer Aluminum Driveshaft Kits 07/02/2014 9901347
Product Flyer Rock Crawler Flyer 01/02/2012 9901315
Product Flyer Sprinter Fix 01/02/2012 9901316


Neapco New Products List Generator

Please be advised of the new Neapcocomponents web site feature. In the past we tried to publish a list of the new parts/products every quarter. This was problematic as there was a delay listing many of the new parts/products based on a set schedule. So, our solution was to build a dynamic publication that creates itself anytime anyone would like a hard copy of the current up to date new parts/products. Well here it is:

There is now a button on the home page that creates a PDF on the fly listing the same parts that are shown on the Web Site home page. In addition, this PDF has hyperlinks taking you to the detailed information; flyers; bulletins; or the MyCarParts electronic catalog page for the specific part. And of course, you can always print the PDF for a handy up to date list.

PTO Yoke Consolidation

Due to low sales volumes of multiple sku’s, and in an effort to keep costs down, we have selected several yokes to consolidate. Where we once had multiple single-keyed yokes we have now replaced them with a one double-keyed yoke that replaces what was previously two separate part numbers. See the sales bulliten for details.



2017 Neapco Driveline Components Catalog PDF Release!

It’s final here! The 2017 Driveline Components catalog has been published to the web site. This PDF catalog is a total replacement for the previous 2015 catalog. New to this version, new products introduced are now identified by a different typeface throughout the multiple chapters. Obsolete parts have been removed and all new products have been updated. As always, the latest information is available on the Neapco MyCarParts electronic catalog.

Click for PDF

For those looking for a paper catalog they should begin to ship by the end of July. Stay tuned for a future announcement.